Public Art


- overview -

Public art builds community, celebrates heritage, and inspires conversation.


WOW Mobile Lab and Show is a nomadic metal foundry, established in 2005 by artist Sara Hanson, known for its collaborative public art installations, workshops/classes, make-and-take events, and educational demonstrations.

It’s also one part of a larger body of public art work.

Sara's cast metal creations and collaborations are embodied explorations of time and space inviting you to traverse internal landscapes, your surrounding environment, others, and yourself - to conduct your own research and make your own discoveries.

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-what we've done before-


Art is meant to be shared. WOW empowers individuals and the collective to beautify their environment and express their creative vision.

-time capsule-


These interactive and mobile public sculptures roam in public spaces with an invitation to explore: yourself, your environment, your vision.

Bio Scenic Travel Machines are an opportunity for discovery and introspection, capturing the present while preserving the past and dreaming of the future.

- sculptures & more -

Cast Metal

Where do we come from and how did we get here? These pieces are fragments of a possible past traveling across the galaxy, an investigation of our collective history, present, and future.