Collected Impressions

Metro Work Center and the East Lake Library

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Mapping the neighborhood through metal casting.


Participant artists from Metro Work Center (an adult day program for individuals with (dis)abilities) collaborated in a community mapping and cast metal sculpture residency to create this traveling sculpture table installation now on exhibition at the East Lake Library.

Metal relief castings were created from taking clay impressions from the neighborhood – architecture, natural and urban elements, found objects, business logos – and formed into the buildings of the 27th-31st Street blocks at Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue.

Metro Work Center has resided inside the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for almost 50 years while serving approximately 50 adults. Many are unaware of their presence in the community and opportunities for community involvement are rare. It was a goal of this project to meet, learn about and share stories with neighboring businesses, organizations and passers-by. Carrying cameras, clay and tools we documented the neighborhood – acknowledging the history, where we are now and what we can look forward to in the future – during a time of rapid growth. Through sharing our experiences, stories and visions, and casting them into a metal artwork, we strengthen our community now and into the future.

A special thank you to Zoi at Glass Endeavors for the stained glass demonstration.

Tangible impressions of the neighborhood.