Supra Capsuleria

Supra Capsuleria

Bio Scenic Earth Laboratory, Inc.

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Supra Capsuleria has landed here to fulfill its mission of serving as a time capsule – a collection of specimens of life on earth – while utilizing test tubes and capsules as its instruments.

The Machine dispenses 2” empty capsules for you to fill with an object, artifact, or representation of one (words or image), art, writing, an interpretation, and drop it back into the machine. Individual encapsulated specimens fill test tubes that are housed inside of the Machine. Lenses located in multiple viewing portals offer views of Supra Capsuleria’s internal landscape of biological structures and the test tubes of collected time capsule specimens. Collections are housed at Bio Scenic Earth Laboratory and will be retrieved for a future audience. Register your time capsule specimen.

Thank you to all of the communities and individuals that have personally shared for this collective mission.