-teams that pour together, stay together-

Meaningful experiences foster camaraderie and joy.


Team-building activities are integral to solving intrapersonal conflict, building confidence and efficacy in an office, and supporting workers' health and well-being. Meaningful experiences shared outside of the workplace fosters camaraderie and joy.

The WOW Mobile and Metal Show is a portable foundry that offers an entirely unique and relevant experience. Led by Sara Hanson, a multi-grant winner and long-time local artist, WOW is available for on- and off-site programming.

Engages learners to discover their strengths and inspires them to stretch their imaginations.
Minnesota State Arts Board

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-case studies-

What We've Done Before

Workshops can range from creating pendants or bottle openers featuring your company logo to individual take-home sculptures or collaborative sculptures to put on display in your office, entryway, or outside.