Spherical Reverie

Intermediate District 287 South Education Center

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Time Capsule Metal Casting and Collection Project to Honor the 10th Anniversary


During a three-week residency, learners from the Alternative High School and the Special Education Programs (pre-k through transition/aged 21) wrote letters to their future selves, collected news articles/objects from their environment and sculpted with clay around personal objects to be cast in metal.

The sculpture is located on the school’s highly used walking path and is a destination for learners to interact with. They are engaged as they touch the castings, look through the lenses and discover familiar items and some of the objects that are on the cast metal artwork.

Spherical Reverie is a celebration of our individual expression, an offering of history for future students to explore and make their own discoveries. Contents will be opened in 2028.

Spherical Reverie is a celebration and an offering from the past.

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