This is a special opportunity to manifest your New Year’s visions on the New Moon!  Now is the time to cleanse, renew, and rewire to bring in the new – life patterns, visions and luck! This metal casting transformational ritual conveys an act in which we join the metaphysical with the physical and call spirit into our material lives with the creation of a personal cast metal sculpture, amulet, talisman or jewelry. Cast your 2022 vision into metal and carry it with you into the new year!

In this all hands-on, creative and exciting class you will carve an original design (or choose from a selection of symbols and imagery) into a cuttlefish bone to create negative space. That space is filled with lead-free pewter to create your original metal casting. You pour the metal into your mold, do finishing work with hand files, power tools and colored inks are optional. Mount your sculpture on metal/wood/stone base, affix jewelry/keychain hardware or put it in your pocket. No experience necessary.

Create, snack, sip, converse and learn how to cast metal!

Sanitized space/tools and masks required.