Manifest and predict your 2022 fortune at this magical, spirited and shared group experience!

Partake in the ancient culture-spanning New Year’s Eve tradition of molybdomancy –  the art of pouring lead-free pewter (previously used lead/tin) into a bowl of water to solidify into shapes and textures that hold fortunes of your 2022 year.

You will be given a symbolic metal casting to melt into your personal Fortune Casting.  But first you will hold in your hands while meditating on your intentions and for the molecular exchange with you and the metal to occur.  Then, keeping  your vision close, you will melt it in a spoon over a flame and pour it into the bowl of water.

After your casting has cooled, you will remove it and observe the shapes/textures in your hand and in the shadow that it projects on the wall.  Together, as a group, we consult with you and the Fortune Chart to determine your 2022 fortune.

Select your jewelry hardware or the right base for your Fortune Sculpture from a selection of marble, stone, metal and wood

We will be snacking, sipping, having fun and feeling the magic together!